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Bicycle operation at it's most Xtreme and in a mobile stunt setup capable of making your event kick-ass even more with your audience. Product Launches, Bike races, Special events and more!
Connecting with students who need someone who's "BEEN THERE". Delivering an interactive, fun and focused student sermon through core life learning experiences that have given me the purpose and drive to succeed in life: Passion - Preparation - Practice - Perseverance.
Some of the kind words and memorable impressions!

Bicycle Skill Performer + Motivational Student Speaker + Skills Instructor


Definitely not the answer I would have given back when I was in College studying Finance! It’s through this and many other journeys in my life that have allowed me to understand what passion is and why we should listen to those instincts.

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Cirque Imagine at Kings Island for 2015!

It’s June 11th, and we hit our 50th show today! Cirque Imagine was born in Toronto at Cedar Fair’s “Canada’s Wonderland” in 2012. Since then, it ran for one more year there, then transferred via […]

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The Bycrobat Car!

It started with a vision… To share my largest love in life / often why I’m late for things / how I get my best exercise / how I have the most fun in life… THE […]

strengthbox-Group Shot

Group Bicycle Skills Lessons at the StrengthBox

A local strength building facility in Toronto called StrengthBox owned by Greg Carver is the location of the first Technical Bicycle Skills clinic of the season! We moved through a three hour course with 5 of […]

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountains

Key things I’ve learned through Self-Employment

What have I learned over the past 5 years of being self-employed? —————————– Accept challenges: The real fun in life is saying yes to something you ‘think’ you can handle. Pushing through and learning on […]


Training in Mexico

After 1 month in Mexico (Quintana Roo; Playa Del Carmen / Cancun) visiting some great friends, meeting many more good people in my life, and seeing the Cirque du Soliel show “JOYA” about 10 times, […]

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