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Boost the energy and excitement at your event with the finely tuned, highly athletic two-wheeled stunt and skill show! The sport is called BikeTrial, and the fundamentals are Balance, Precision and Power. Let's collaborate to make your event magically memorable!
The Motto is "Live-Like-You-Ride". Keeping physically active has kept me mentally healthy - I owe it all to my passion for cycling and constant progression!
Check out some of the kind words and memorable impressions!

Bicycle Skill Performer + Motivational Student Speaker + Skills Instructor


Definitely not the answer I would have given back when I was in College studying Finance! It’s through this and many other journeys in my life that have allowed me to understand what passion is and why we should listen to those instincts.

Feel free to send a message using the contact form below!

Cirque Imagine – 236 Shows Wraps up at Kings Island

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